I'm afraid Stone, I agree with "she".

The two photos themselves are relatively unremarkable, but the background to them, including some of your (and others') comments in the thread and the gallery do create an impression about your ideas and attitudes toward your models.

That impression may or may not be inaccurate, but "she" isn't the only person who feels that way about what you have posted.

It isn't a question of censorship, it is a question of someone disagreeing with something you have posted.

You might or might not want to change what you want to post in the future - that is up to you, as I'm not going to ever say that you should be prohibited from doing so, but you should expect to be criticised if your words and/or your photos are likely to bring rise to strong feelings for any reason.

And I wish "she" would consider chiming in, because referring to her that way is extremely awkward.