3 too many.

#1 is my first enlarger a 1970s Durst M600
#2 and 3 are Omega MF enlargers purchased to replace the Durst, one w a color head the other w a condenser head
#4 is a Durst L1000 w condenser head, finally a 4x5 enlarger
#5 is an Omega D5 w color head, always wanted one

Only #1 gets used right now, as it is the easiest to set up and break down in my temp darkroom (a half bath).
The others will wait for me to setup a permanent darkroom. Although now that I have a D5 I will probably sell one of the MF Omegas.

I plan to keep one MF Omega for 35mm+MF, and one of the 4x5 enlargers for 6x9 and 4x5.