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The whole meter issue really bothers me. ... Just reading the list of meter modifications (various filters, baffling) was depressing enough.
Trust one good meter and leave it at that.

I could wish for a spectrophotometric meter that could be programmed for my favorite film and which also could interpret the effect of black and white contrast filters to predict the Zone System placement. Totally possible with current technology. But that would reduce metering to a "point and shoot" frame of mind, which takes some of the fun (and all the participation) out of it.

Lately, as I experiment with my Weston Master II and Zone System sticker, I once again "walk in the footsteps" of Ansel Adams. I can walk up to a gray wall, set the meter to V. Point at sky and see needle go up to IX. Point at a green plant and stop to think... The Master II selenium cell is making the plant go to VI but I know it is really still V. Finally learning these tricks that used to drive him and Fred Picker to make these modified meters. But they always dealt with it until the Zone VI modified meter came out.