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Pretty much any standard 8x10 holder should work well in any 8x10 camera with a standard 8x10 back. There's no reason wooden holders won't work just as well unless they're damaged. This may be my ignorance showing but I don't understand why your wooden holders don't fit your back unless it was built to non-standard specs.
My back is not QUITE standard, as it is partially home-made. the part that sticks out of the camera on the fidelity holders is slightly larger, but this makes them significantly easier to seat properly and extract. While the other holders DO work, they are less convenient to use. I may get some though anyway if i have to, because i'm down to 3 holders and it's really not quite enough for what I'm doing. The below photos show a little bit of my difficulty... my back has a side which sticks out and covers up much of the part of the holder making it more difficult to extract.

image (1).jpg image.jpg