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One inland possibility is Melville Caves north west from Bendigo, about 180 klm's from Melbourne.


If you click on a picture you can then scroll through a fair assortment of scenes available to us.

Should help those who live north of Melbourne and those who may wish to camp or find a local bedsit.


It's worthwhile. I would be making my 33rd visit to the place if I did go! It's ideal for camping, with the setting sun creating a striking golden hue on west-facing boulders on the summit (see below) and also, if you hang around long enough, for the extremely impressive 'fire in the boulders' show — a cherry red afterglow set deep in a granite fissure that looks like aflame is dancing. I have an Ilfochrome on the wall here of such a scene.

It's a 460km return trip for me from Geelong, probably a bit longer for Melbourne peeps. I'd make it an overnight trip if the weather is fine and clear, for the unmissable opportunities of working with sunset and sunrise light. I think my bushwalking group is planning an overnight camp there; I'll need to check dates.

• Rock of Ages, west summit, Melville Caves, Kooyoora State Park

Boulders October 2008.jpg

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