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It is impossible to answer the question without knowing what "slightly thinner" means. Slightly thinner than a contrast index of 0.9? Or slightly thinner than a contrast index of 0.5? Or what?

Unless negatives are severely under-developed (improperly processed), no shadow detail is lost.
You're right I guess my question is kind of silly now that I think about it. For now all of my negatives are all over the place from years past as far as density but I'd really like to dial in a development workflow that produces good negatives that will easily scan and print well. In my experience a negative that would look slightly thinner to the eye in density than in density of a normal printing negative would scans slightly better. Sorry I don't have a densitometer so I know it's a little vague. I guess I'm imaging that I could split the difference a little bit.

Sounds like maybe I should dust off my Omega D2 or B22 and see if they are complete. I'm in Mexico City right now so I won't know until I get back to Austin next week.