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Damn. Luckily I am also a wino, so it won't totally go to waste.

So what specifically is the best inexpensive, readily available product for protecting the concentrates?
A real wino has no need to save wine............

Wow, I can't believe how much angst has gone into this so-called problem. I suggested freezing it, which has worked fine for my B&W. The technique has worked fine for an author writing in Shutterbug some years ago on C-41 developing. I suggested it above and the only comment was someone saying, "I'm not putting photochemicals in the freezer." To which I never asked, "Why not?" All those barely toxic chemicals gonna jump through your bottle walls and your food bags to intermix or something?

Then there are accordion bottles.

Or just refrigerate.

Or the old standby of a glass bottle and glass marbles.

But if you use a developer at all, i.e., not one shot, it will degrade over time unless frozen.

I've observed many times how a discussion on APUG seems to be more about keeping the discussion going than finding a solution. No pun intended.