I don't see any censorship issue here. No one has reported your images, and the APUG administration hasn't taken any action on them. If you post images in a public space or publish them or show them in a gallery and are criticized for them, that's just how the world is, and if you respond to criticism by withdrawing those images, that's your decision, not censorship.

On APUG, images are rarely removed for content reasons. I can only recall one specific instance involving a still life of Nazi memorabilia, which may have been illegal in some parts of the world where we have a substantial membership, though the image itself wasn't necessarily advocating for or glorifying Nazism in my opinion. In this case we had to weigh the effect of allowing the image against the possibility that it could put APUG on filtration lists that would make it hard for many of our users to access APUG, and also we considered that the image could be upsetting to some users, even though it was a relatively bland still life. We might have to remove images of child nudity for similar reasons, but I don't think we've ever had a case. I suppose that if we considered an image exploitative of the subject or defamatory, we might remove it, but again, it hasn't come up.

We had a bit of a dust-up once about male nudity, but we let the image stand on the grounds that we allow female nudity, and lost a few members over it.

We do sometimes remove images made from digital originals or scans that involve too much digital manipulation as being off-topic for APUG, but for the most part, subscribers are on the honor system.