Hi. Sorry to hear about your FE problems. I've just looked at mine to confirm how loading/rewind works. To open the back, pull up rewind knob and turn small safety lever anti-clockwise. The knob should lift a bit further and the back pops open. You have to hold the safety lever in position while lifting. When you get to the end of the film, return the winding crank to its"rest" position, push in the button on the camera base and rewind. The wind-on can stop mid-wind at the end of the film. Don't force it any further. The button on the base should click into place when pushed. It returns to its original position with the next throw of the wind-on crank. Be careful not to use the wind-on, therefore, when the rewind button has been pushed in. It sounds like you may have accidentally snapped the film, perhaps by winding on too far. I hope that's not the case, but you'll know when you get it open. One other thing that could cause the back to stick is the condition of the light-seal foam. It deteriorates with time into a sticky mass. It's easy to replace if that has happened. There are kits available on the Internet, and the FE is certainly a camera worth fixing. The foam kits are not expensive. I hope you get it working. Alex.