Freezing causes ingredients to separate or crystallize and the shaking and mixing entrain oxygen and cause deterioration when you are trying to re-dissolve the chemistry.

In plastic bottles, the organics WILL exchange with food! Ever notice that "freezer" or "refrigerator" taste food sometimes takes on when strong food is stored in them? Consider that developer is a strong food with a high rate of exchange. DON'T freeze developer. Probably you should not freeze any of the solutions. Bleach, blix and fix will begin to give your food an ammonia odor and the final rinse is a bacteriostat which should not be ingested but which can also exchange in the freezer.

There are many air displacement methods and gases specially prepared for this. Even winos should know that CO2 is bad for wine. It adds extra acidity and can spoil wine as well as developer. Use a non-CO2 gas mix. Use glass with corks, use accordion bottles, use marbles. Or, use the developer to capacity in one session and toss it.