The Kodak facility here has over 100 years of environmental burden, most of it from an era when we poured bad chemistry out the window (so to speak). Kodak cannot quit the site without a huge cleanup before they go, or they pass the burden on to new owners.

Then, there is the cost of moving machines that are calibrated in microns and embedded in special mounts to prevent vibration. Moving these to a new and environmentally controlled facility would have to be paid back by the market which is uncertain to say the least.

And this brings up the real problem. Bad management. Perez was determined to get into the home printer market. He could not compete against his former company, HP. In fact, their current industrial printers are the favorites of many printing concerns, but if they don't fix the dye set, they may fail there too.

Their current dye set is quite poor and has a Metameric shift. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metamerism_%28color%29)