The question keeps coming up? At least I get them constantly in my mail box. What have you got that is Soft Focus, for a 4X5 camera, and is in a shutter?

First is an antique Lancaster Achromatic Meniscus Landscape lens 150mm. Except you'll find that when you remove it from it's constraining mount so that you get the full f5 you end up with a lens that rival's the Kodak Portrait lenses, except it's half the size and 1/3rd the cost.

The tricky part is machining an adapter to mount it into the #3 Acme shutter. Done! This will include a usable aperture scale inscribed by hand with an awl. Nothing fancy, but very usable. This lens has a superb sharp core surrounded by halation glow wide open, and sharpens up as it's stopped down. $285

Next is a no-name Achromatic Meniscus from a large ancient folding camera. It is 130mm f5.4. Not quite as fast as the Lancaster but it has the identical same fine soft glow around a sharp core. Superb.

Not as pretty, I suppose, and it doesn't come with it's sexy original barrel like the Lancaster, but it is imminently usable on your 4X5. The Betax is running perfectly! It will also have an aperture scale inscribed with an awl, by me. $239

The Ilex 3 shutter does not have a flange. Common size, but it ain't there. The Betax does have a locknut.

I'll be gone for the next 5 - 6 hours, and I have these mounted temp for the Chamonix, so I hope to find some suitable subjects and make some images to show off this evening later.

Note: Engaging questions with no strong statement that you want it and will take it, will not hold these. First guy who says' "I'll take it" usually gets it.