The simplicity of your system is great John.

I've considered going strictly C-41 several times simply for that reason. In the end though I still enjoy "real" B&W films and there's no C-41 B&W in 4x5.

One of the things C-41 taught me well though was that a standardized contrast rate could essentially fill all my needs regardless of the exposure placement. I can't remember the last time I used plus or minus developing.

I need to play with the one time idea with my DD-X and WD2D+, it would be nice to have one process.

I giggled at your description of agitation, I've used a fair number of those myself.

Flickr and APUG galleries do have great value for considering lighting, composition, toning, square vs rectangular, focus and DOF type things. Similar to the end you suggest on the one film thread I have setup searches on Flickr with parameters like " TXP or (delta 400) " and it can be interesting guessing which shot is which film but, 2 of the lessons I've learned are that 1-equally acceptable and unacceptable results appear to be possible from most all films it is truly hard to see which is which, and 2-most online photos simply don't have the size or quality level that are needed to learn much about any film's grain or tonality.