Serial number 44339 dates the lens to 1888 +/- 1 year. This is the largest Rapid Rectilinear lens Dallmeyer ever offered. It was model "12" in their advertising and the specifications were:

4 inch diameter lenses; coverage of 25 inches with the lens stopped down and 22 inches wide open (f/8); focal length of 33 inches (~850mm) and a back focus of 31 inches.

While not as physically large as the faster Petzval lenses, this is a big lens. You can even use just one cell of this lens (like all RR lenses) and it can function as a very decent, 2 element "landscape" or "view" lens which effectively doubles the focal length to approximately 65 inch focal length in this case ! Keep in mind you'll need a bellows draw of over 5 feet to even begin to use the lens in its "landscape" configuration.

Dallmeyer's ad for this lens from 1891 (below), states that well stopped down, this lens can cover one or two more sizes;essentially, well stopped down, this particular lens could cover a plate in excess of 30 inches !

CONDITION - Lens glass is clean and clear. Just needs a fine cleaning with a microfiber cloth to be crystal clear. There is a TINY amount of balsalm separation at the EXTREME edges. See the photo with the arrows. THIS IS TINY AND WILL HAVE NO IMPACT - AGAIN ONLY VISIBLE AT THE EXTREME EDGE. GREAT USER LENS.

Barrel is free of any dings or dents ! Someone in the past cleaned the brass removing the golden lacquer, but a new patina has formed. Last owner put a sticker on the barrel which I removed but it left behind some adhesive - but this will come right off with goo gone or nail polish remover.

Has original flange and is mounted to a lensboard. Has slot for stops, but none included. Easy enough to make some with black posterboard or plastic.

If you want to have a lens with HUGE COVERAGE this is it !! Shipping weight is 6 pounds. $ 1,349 shipped in the US - outside the US will pay actual postage. I hope to have a lot of interest, so I wont be holding the lens for anyone. First person that actually pays will get the item.


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