Allen it is absolutely true that focus isn't our only tool and I'm not against all in focus subject matter

I find Karsh's portrait of O'Keefe a print that I wander into then around and eventually to even the texture of the wall. Karsh gives us detail to find but it's the bright antlers catch my eye and Georgia that keeps them interested. As I wander I get to know her and the big icons of her world but there is nothing else, nothing extraneous, in that portrait and each in focus element is intended to be there and clear as a bell. It s only where we look "outside" that we are given less detail. This is a truly formal posed/contrived/controlled portrait.

O'Keefe isn't a typical portrait sitter, IMO her wrinkles, as much as her antlers, were part of her "brand". A more typical sitter is not normally so proud of her wrinkles.