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Anyone has a tip on how to remove the lever if replacing it?

Mine is cracked and won't rotate the spindle. The gap in the crack is just getting bigger as i push the lever forward to multiple exposure mode. So I'm figuring that the spindle has an oval shape at the connection to the lever?

I'm quite inexperienced so it would be really nice to know if there's a chance to replace the lever by yourself if able to find a spare one.

(EDIT: SQ-Ai model, if that makes any difference)
Well, this is a snippet from a service manual which probably predates your -Ai, but I suspect it might be the same mechanics. The center blob on the spindle is a glued on bit of vinyl(?) that covers a screw head.


The trick is finding a replacement lever. It looks as though there are flats on the end of the shaft it attaches to which would prevent rotation. I suppose a really creative and patient (and desperate) owner could operate on a piece of aluminum with file and hacksaw to make a replacement, but it would not be fun!