Had a good thinkin last night, and have decided to keep my Fujinon-W 150 instead of this great little lens.
Comes in a wonderfully-running Copal 0 shutter(lensboard in pictures is NOT included in sale, this is the lens only).

Front element has some minor nicks, and a few particles of internal dust throughout the lens. Nothing that IMO would impact performance, just makes it a lower price for you!
Rear has a nick too, again, nothing I'd personally worry about. Please see arrows in photographs supplied, below.
Front barrel has a few little dings and some paint/anodizing loss, see pictures below.

Included in sale:
1. Lens
2. F+R caps(non original)
3. Retaining ring

$325 shipped to your doorstep, within the USA
Int'l add $30 for extra postage costs via Priority Mail
Paypal or USPS Money Orders please for payment