Recently the above named has started to sell Ilford paper on the U.K. e-bay in quite a big way. Does anyone in the U.S. know anything about them? They look to be a substantial player in the analogue market.

I am interested because they presumably buy paper directly from Ilford or via a distributor in what seems to be large quantities and they say that the BIN price includes VAT and duties plus postage. I presume a U.S. stockist can agree to pay the U.K. VAT( value added tax which is like a sales tax in the U.S.) and U.K. customs duty in advance so to speak?

They still want to charge more than any U.K. retailer I know of by a considerable margin so are wasting their time and money on U.K. e-bay. I even bothered to point this out to them but nothing has changed.

So my conclusions are that any reduction in their price would leave them out of pocket but if so why bother as simple research of the U.K market price would indicate that they cannot compete or that they believe that the U.K. market has consumers who are so used to being ripped off that they will pay their asking price

Clearly they believe it is worth their while to take the trouble to set up a process with the U.K. VAT and customs authorities and postal services.

An example of their prices is that for MGIV RC they want 82.75( ($132) for a 100 sheet box of 8x10 and for same size FB they want 155( $248)

As a matter of interest what might you U.S. APUGers expect to pay for these items from osuppliers? Please include relevant sales taxes and postal charges as the prices I have quoted from osuppliers include all charges

Your information is much appreciated