Thanks, everyone. My cameras are functional like I said. The more you make the more you learn. I decided to use some machines on this build especially when it came to the joinery. I wanted to tighten things up a lot. What I learn here will give me the confidence to go back and work on the other cameras to upgrade them a little. Now remember I'm doing this in the hallway of my two bedroom apartment. My other half is in Indonesia for 11 months teaching. Great thing is, she is behind me 100%. Even with all of the router chips!
I'll post more images as I get more done.Thinking about the GG frame now.
If you have very little time I would suggest that you get the plan in place and pick away at it bit by bit. It took me 18 months to build the first camera my 8x20. Don't put a must be done by date on yourself. It will be much more fun that way.