Sorry of this is a common comparison, I would like more insight on these cameras before deciding upon the two.

Neither of these cameras are my ideal MF rangefinder but they are both close-enough to where I can go with either but I would like to know a bit more on the ergonomics, reliability, and future repairability of these cameras before pursing one.

Makina 67:
I hear that there are some issues with the wires for this camera and this is the reason why repairs are expensive difficult. I do not care for the meter, is this what the main fus is about?
-Can I get this thing worked on by anyone else for other issues? I hear that there is nippon in NYC and Plaubel in Germany but neither are cheap.
-Are there any other common problems with these cameras besides the metering going dead?
-How are the ergonomics of this camera, in comparison to say the Mamiya. Is it quick to operate and shoot or is it kind of cludgy.

Mamiya 6:
I hear that the common failure point is in the film advance, I think.
-is this camera notoriously unreliable because of this or is it not so common?
-is this camera still repairable? Is the 7 any more reliable/repairable? I prefer the 6, overall.
-I assume this camera is relatively ergonomic, right?

I figured that image quality for both are high with the edge going for Mamiya (in terms of sharpness). I don't care so much about image quality because if it isn't Holga then it is probably good-enough for my applications.