I own a makina 67. Awesome camera. The wire issue really isn't an issue in my opinion unless you're dumb with the camera and swing open and shut the lens like a switchblade to be cool. I've read that you should always focus to infinity before closing to ease the stress on the wires, but i'm not sure how much i buy that. The meter is excellent and easy to use, but I sometimes prefer an incident. The camera is very easy to use and the focus wheel is great. The camera's built very solid and is more compact than anything else out there, except maybe the voigtlander 667. The lens, in my opinion, is less clinical (and for my taste better) than the mamiya and much better (for my taste) than the 667. The mamiya has the advantage of interchangeable lenses, but if I'm carrying multiple lenses, then I bring a Hasselblad and enjoy multiple backs.
As i understand it, the two biggest repair issues on the makina are the meter wires and sometimes the film advance. Repairs can be expensive, but mainly due to availability of parts. I bought a fully functional and clean makina and i absolutely love it. I feel it's the best travel camera I'll ever own. You'll hear just as many, if not more, people say the same about the mamiya system. Whatever you choose, enjoy. Prices on makina's are better right now than I've seen them in along time. If you get a clean and fully functional one, you'll likely be able to resell it with little or no loss if you don't like it.