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sound more as if he neglected -- first timers do this all the time -- to make sure the film was advancing properly and when he rewound there was only a coupla inches of film to pull back in.

by the way, sometimes when you pull the rewind lever up the back doesn't open because it is sprung open by a spring that pushes on the film cartridge -- no film, no push, so you have to pull on it a bit.
I'd agree with the first sentence but the back is pushed open(springified) by the pressure plate.
Have you tried winding the RW knob in either or both directions since it jammed?
Something that MAY have happened is with the pulling upward, the RW fork inside the camera has ridden up onto the top of the cassette.
I'll suggest rotating the knob in one direction or the other while pulling up on the knob. If it doesn't work, try it pushing down. If you wind anti-clockwise, the knob will come off, there is the lever, a spring and a washer it only works one way.