Thanks for sharing Jim. I'me really impressed that you are doing it in an apartment. That is dedication. I am curious whether you made the bellows on your other cameras or had it made. They look great. Given what they seem to cost, I'd just as soon make one myself. I'm about half way done creating an 8x10 partially from a old Kodak 2D and partially new. I used it briefly, but I hated how wobbly it was....but I liked the way the rear movements worked so I decided to create a "Frankencamera" from old and new parts. I am designing as I am building.....and learning a lot about how I'd design something from scratch. The main thing for me is the metal bits. It is even hard to find nice aluminum knobs. I'm thinking that if I build one from scratch, I'll lay out the sheet metal bits on the computer and have them water jet cut since I have access to one at work.