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I have tried freezing color developers and it caused the ingredients to visibly separate. Then, upon thawing I had to shake it up to make it uniform, further oxidizing it. I don't recommend it. Mixed developers keep a long time if stored unfrozen in full, tightly sealed glass or high quality plastic bottles. That is the best way to store them.
Thanks for that. I'll make a techno-guess and say that whatever oxygenating took place with shaking, it was far less degradation than just plain old age, sitting around at room temperature. Or, possibly, just waiting a day w/o shaking and the components would redisolve. OTOH, there was that Shutterbug article I mentioned and he apparently froze and thawed as he needed. A YMMV moment?

If one doesn't want/can't do freezing, even refrigeration would give a big leg up on longevity.