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Eat some of your food? 2L is not a huge volume.

If perchance you have an old fashioned propane torch or a butane lighter refill, that should suffice, as best as I know. But no ""no oxygen" therapy can get around the fact that once a developer is used, it is on the road to perdition.
Unfortunately, I have to mix all 10L to avoid having to preserve the concentrates and measure all that stuff out each time. I found some hermetic glass mason-style jars locally that are measured in liters, so I'll mix up 5 of those for the developer. The fixer in the Trebla kit is 3 x 5 liter of working solution, and the bleach is one gallon. I don't think I'll need to divide these up any further.

Once I use a 2L jar of developer, it will get used all at once (I shoot in bursts). It's those in between periods that I was concerned about, when I'm not shooting a lot of color.