So I just got this GORGEOUS Nikon F with the FTN finder and a Nikkor-S Auto 50 1.4. Aside from a few marks on the back panel, the thing looks, feels, and operates like new. Except the lens...I think. This is where I need your help

Now most of the manual focus glass in 35mm I've used has been the current Zeiss lenses, so I don't have much in the way of context, but the 50 that came with the F/FTN feels really...not sure how to say this, but "dry" I think would be the most appropriate description.

Granted, this thing is probably over 40 years old and had a half roll of Kodachrome in it when I picked it up, but are those olde Nikkors supposed to be dry like that? I'm thinking of getting it lubed up to give the lens that buttery-ness that's so typical of of the zeiss and leica glass.

Also. Is it possible to look up in a database some Serial No.'s? I'm dying to know how old this thing really is.

Thanks much!!!!