As far as now my experiment results in a complete reversal of image tones on my negatives, as well as beginning Mackie lines at EI 200. I exposed 6x9 sheet film Fomapan 100 (ASA 100) at EI 125, 160, and 200 with lower contrast at higher EI after development. But the negatives show remarkable fog. Normally the base and fog on this film has a density of 0.02 but these negatives have a b&f of 1.90 to 1.55, decreasing with increasing EI.
I developed for 7 min in Dr. Jolly's developer with intermittend light (2 sec.) at 3,5 min.
To get better results I intend to keep all variables constant and only change the intensity of the second exposure. Or would you suggest a better approach?