The MV and MV1 are pretty useless other than as snapshot cameras for the reasons detailed above.

My suggestions: If you like the K1000 but not its size, look for an MX. If you want a lighter camera which still has manual control, look for a P30 series. The first batch P30 lacks a cable release socket so if this is important to you look for a later P30 or the P30n/P30t models. Yes they're battery dependent but they're now cheap, lightweight, and have more accurate metering and shutter speeds than a K1000. I've paid as little as 99p for a tidy P30 body in full working order before now, put a roll of slide film in and got 39 perfectly exposed slides back. They are very under-rated.

My main objection to the ME Super is the buttons for shutter speed, I much prefer a proper control dial (which the P30 has). You could also consider a KX or K2 but they're about the same size and weight as the K1000!