Thanks for the wishes, I look forward to learning plenty from the workshops, and I hope to be able to pass any new wisdom when we have a chance to meet, again.

I have the "Recollections" by John Sexton, the images are great, and the book is produced to a superb standard, in itself quite a feat. I'd be happy to bring it along the next time, too.

Someone was asking about mounting board—if you don't mind getting it in a large sheet size of 32 x 40", you can get it from Glenwood Mouldings, in Newtownmountkennedy (is it really one word?) where I get it from, works out about €10 per such large sheet, which is good for a 1.5 mm rag board. They sell Colourmount, I like their Museum spec one, in colours 202 and 204. But you really need some sort of a cutting appliance to size it down.