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Yes, the film is from Poundland and well within its best-before date (February 2015). The lab did notice and bought it to my attention. I use them quite a bit and they assure me that the films either side of mine were fine.

I am going to dig out my film scanner and do my own scan to see if it is the film or the scanning. There is colour on the margins of the film but the actual frames don't show much colour at all - mind you, they are fairly overexposed but that should affect all three colour channels surely.
Very odd....it will be interesting to see what you discover from your own scan. Colour on the margins of the film might tend to exclude a major negative processing or film problem.....but presumably the frames look different to those of known good negatives from other films?

Although, if the films either side of yours were OK, I suppose the filtration or scanning of yours could still be wrong (assuming it's the type of minilab where films are put through one-by-one). If the lab are co-operative, would it be worth asking them to reprint some of the negs, see if they can identify any issues?

Overexposure would likely affect all the colours, I've never heard of it bleaching-out the picture to one colour. Silly question....you didn't leave a coloured filter on the lens? (Even so, the lab printer should try to compensate for it.)