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I am thinking this whole incident has very little to do with the image itself (which I thought was pretty good to excellent) but it has everything to do with what people thought the photographer meant by that image. It didn't help the title didn't accurately describe the photographers intent and things that were said in an unrelated thread weren't received well.

I fully agree with Stone, some of the things said on this thread and the gallery were needlessly hurtful. I have no problems with people expressing how they don't like the image. There are a lot of ways to say that....

By the way.... I am guessing the model is fully aware of her condition and still decided to participate in the shoot. I applaud her for that. I hope she gets well and moves on with her chosen occupation.
Thanks for the compliment and to the first paragraph +1 because that's exactly accurate, at least someone understood.

However it's now sort of settled and I think I've learned something, if nothing else, explain yourself better if you make highly abstract titles...


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