Haha, wow Denise, you're not kidding. There's no way they were really making film like that by that point... right?? I didn't quite realize what all went into getting that film translated; what a great service you guys did in doing so!

A "jet" would also reach further into the solution and produce much more turbulence on its journey. I posed this question to Ron and he said that a high pressure jet will remain "cohesive" (I believe this is the word he used...?) longer and thus delay the reaction slightly. But on the other hand there is more surface area, and you'd have to think that the turbulence that it encounters would also aid in quick mixing.

Who knows though; it's all arm-chair emulsion making at this point. It'd be nice to make the same emulsion with a "drip" and a "jet", with the same total rate of addition, and compare the two.