Hi, so i recently repaired the light seals on my AE-1 because the existing ones were pretty much just black goop, anyway after doing it i saw no problems with it and ran probably about 10-15 rolls of film through it without problem. However i got some ektar recently and put it through and there are red light leaks on pretty much every frame. What confuses me is the regular shape and placement which in my mind doesn't line up with the whole "light leaking in to the camera occasionally" idea.

Anyway i have attached a contact sheet, if anyone could give me any advice on what might be causing them, be it a problem with the film (unlikely i cant imagine kodak have a particularly high fail rate) or with camera or with lens. It may be worth mentioning that my lap recently hired a work experience student but i'm guessing its probably not his fault

Any insight would be appreciated as i am somewhat stumped.