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Rather than summarize I will simply refer you to my prior posts. I did not mention nor insinuate any of the strawmen you are addressing.

I have been happily taking photographs for years without seeing the results of a study such as the one I proposed. To suggest otherwise is disingenuous.

This thread is merely a thought exercise and debate. The probability of the study being conducted is zero. Its discussion is not a threat to anyone. Some people feel such an experiment is either completely useless or not worth the effort. I respectfully disagree. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but please don't ascribe motives to me that simply do not exist and are in fact contrary to my known behavior.

i have no idea what your known behavior is aside from the things you have posted in this thread and your social critique in the what s lomo thread.
i never ascribed an motives or suggested you do things other than what i have gleaned from your responses ...
you already suggested such a study would be useful, and i was under the impression that you currently do something similar ...
since you linked to a website that had information you suggested you use.

seeing the film companies determine a film's iso in the same lab they do the film tests i just take their word for what its worth and don't really see the point
of intensive tests ... maybe you do? thats great ... i hope when your research is done and you publish your findings you will post a link to it,
i am sure others will find it useful as well ...

i would rather spend my time and effort making photographs on lo-fi or hi-fi photographic equipment, not studying the effects and affects of film and developers.