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I have a Silver Magnet. I have recovered nearly two troy ounces of silver with it. That almost pays for the device already. It's not even 1/4 of the way full! By the time the collector fills with silver, I will have several ounces. When I send that silver in to be reclaimed I will have more than enough money to pay for the device, buy a case of beer or a bottle of wine and still have money left over to buy some film.

Yes! Silver Magnet basically gives you some free film!

For disposing the chemistry:
Developer, stop and hypo clear go down the drain with lots of water to dilute it.
After taking out the silver, I bottle the fixer in old milk jugs and save it in my garage until I have enough to turn in to the Household Haz-Mat recycling center.

great to hear it is still working for you randy

the OP is using color chemistry ... and i have a feeling disposal is a little different ...