So I just won an auction on a fully functional Voigtländer Avus Anastigmat 9X12 135/6.8 with Compur shutter.

According to the ad it seems to be slightly battered with part of the ground glass missing in one corner, but otherwise fully functional.

Now my experience with film is mostly 35mm and some medium format with a Mamiya ProTL set as well as having used a few 6X6 Voigtländer folding cameras, but no large format.

So I ask, as rookie in large format photography - how is the Voigtländer Avus?

According to camerapedia it seems to be a mid-range camera from sometime between 1915 and 1930, but do anyone here have any experience using it or anything similar? Is it anything like the Speed Graphic for example? Is it like something in between the Graphic and Linhof? Or is it more like just using a large format version of the Perkeo?