I really don't think it has anything to do with the photography, traditional or otherwise. If they ever really move past the "convenience factor" of digital, I think what people really fear about film is working with "chemicals." They are afraid to get their hands too close to some chemicals lest they get the black death or something. Everyone knows that chemicals are "dangerous" and computers are "green", they are safe.

When someone at a local gathering realized I was using a film camera they were interested, and several gathered around to look at my camera and ask questions. Eventually someone asked me where I had my developing done. When I said I did it at home, several asked me how I disposed of the hazardous chemicals! I didn't have the heart to tell them that they went down a rock-filled french drain behind the house. And printing...don't even go there. When I explained the idea of an enlarger and shining light through a negative onto paper they were totally out of their element. Someone even asked if the enlarger sent the image to the printer and what size ink jet I was using. Another wanted to know why I just didn't use the CD-Rom to print my pictures if I was developing my own.

I don't think its' complication...it is really the unknown.