hi AgX

i think part of the problem is that even after you remove the silver or whatever it might be that is in the chemistry
you still have to find a way to safely dispose of the stuff. i think that is why many communities have household waste disposal sites ...
and that is why i suggested a local mini lab ( even if it isn't local ) because mini labs already have a safe disposal plan in place.

i don't do color work and have no idea what is in the developers ... and i don't do toning ( except for reed dye type toners )
so i never have to deal with selenium or sepia or ?, and i don't do wet plate so i don't have to deal with whatever is in their developer or the cyanide in the fixer
or uranium prints or whatever other crazy stuff people love to use...

the "stuff" i use is removed by a hauler but he no longer sends me a check for the silver so i remove the silver first
i really can't see the point in him making $$ off of taking my stuff away, and giving me my paperwork saying he did so .. and then
making $$ off of my silver. ( sounds like a good racket to be in ! )
like randy said it ends up being a slush fund when i get enough harvested

i wonder about the filters PE mentioned in the thread #57 ... once they get gummed up with whatever gunk they filter out
THEN what happens to them ... waste hauler? or land fill? what's the difference between just tossing the stuff down the drain at that point
since in a landfill it either gets incinerated and ends up in the atmosphere, + / or seeps into the groundwater, and down the drain
in a sewer plant ... or in the septic system, it might cause havoc on the microbiologic atmosphere that needs to be maintained to work ...