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When doing long exposures, why does one need to see the meter reading?
I find it helpful to see the meter so I can set relative shutter and aperture settings to my liking...for the exposure I desire.

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I usually...let the camera do the rest.
It's all about doing whatever works. Sometimes aperture priority, other times...manual mode.

Def 1) reflects the fact that there are two 'needles' visible in the viewfinder. One is the 'meter needle' (black). The other is the 'shutter speed/mode indicator needle'. When the needles are 'matched' or aligned you have the most divinely-inspired, optimal exposure for 18% gray... Def 2) 'match' the shutter speed needle with the desired speed shown in the display...that would be 'overlay'.

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In the case of the Nikon F2 with a DP-11/12 finder and ADR you end up with what is effectively a hybrid match needle/center-the-needle system.
ADR has nothing to do with match-needle metering. The difference in data gleaned from the meters of an FE2/FM3a vs. F2AS is significant, assuming enough light to see the former. Operative word: meter.

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Ever try to take a meter reading with an F or F2 when it was dark above your head? Useless.
Ever shoot an F2SB or F2AS? In fact you can hold these cameras over your head and see metering info!