Don't sweat it Stone. The conversations on APUG are probably 99% gear related. Most people coming here are not interested in discussing "art" or any other subjects relation to the finished product. Unless of course it's about what concentration of XYZ toner you used etc. This is not meant to be a harsh condemnation of APUG, certainly not. Another member years ago tried to encourage discussions about "art" etc and he left in total frustration. I just loved his parting shot "we could all eat shit and die". Too funny! I love APUG, it's a great community and one of the best when you have gear or process questions. Just don't expect any intellectual discussions when it comes to photography. Not to say there aren't people here that can and do offer intelligent commentary, but generally the signal to noise ration is pretty bad. Just take a look at the huge number of views for any nude photograph and that gives you a pretty accurate indication of the relative maturity/sophistication of many members.