Exactly. I don't have the facilities to develop my own film right now. I would like to at some point. And with my SLR I can pretty easily change the four things.

This past October I was in a state park about an hour from where I live and was quite pleased when a gentleman handed me his DSLR (I noticed it was a Pentax) and when I looked at how it was set, he had it on aperture priority mode. I even commented, "Finally, someone with a camera that isn't set on full auto!" He said "Yeah, my wife says it's more complicated."

I respectfully disagree with his wife. I prefer the ability to choose either the aperture or the shutter speed (or both in full manual!), I get more control over the end result that way. Having said that, I do use auto-exposure 99% of the time, but always in either aperture-priority or shutter-priority modes. Remarkably easy to change between the two, even on an AF Pentax without traditional controls.