Thanks for all the quick replies!

Yeah, you could say this was my first time. I did take a black & white processing class in high school, but that was 30 years ago.

I used Ilford Multigrade IV RC paper. It's what my local camera shop had.
The film was developed in D76. I made sure it was pretty close to 68 deg. and developed for pretty close to 10 min.
The paper was developed for 1 minute in Dektol. 30 seconds facing down and then flipped over for 30 seconds. Actually I think I flipped the paper back and forth a couple times after the initial 30 seconds.
I followed the Kodak Black and White film and paper developing instructions (as close as I could).

The rebate area on the proof looks black to me except where I had my fingers over the print where I was holding the glass down over the negatives.

No contrast filter was used. I can try that next time.

So, perhaps I can try again with a contrast filter and develop the print longer - for two minutes?