I've been a professional photographer off and on since 1985, starting at a small-town newspaper in Texas. While working at Apple Computer in 1995 I moved to California and spent a lot of time at landscape photography, then became a full-time motorsports photographer in 2001 after the tech bubble burst. I sold my Hasselblad 501CM to buy a lens for my Canon EOS D30. Hey, it was a business decision, and I've always missed that Hasselblad. I was also a staff photographer at the Kerrville Folk Festival, using a Canon FD system. I had a darkroom in my house and made decent money processing and printing other people's B&W film. While living in California I had a part-time pro B&W darkroom in the back of a one-hour photo lab. I figure I've developed about 10,000 rolls of film over the years and made about 30,000 prints.

Two weeks ago I bought a mint 1999 501CM just like the one I used to own, then sold my EOS 60D cameras and lenses for about three times what the Hasselblad cost. I'm going to shoot mostly B&W and process the film at home, scan it for proofs and send the best stuff out for drum scans. My motivation for selling the EOS gear was chiefly being tired of hauling all that heavy gear around. My wife bought me a Sony RX-100 for Christmas, and after taking it to Big Bend NP and seeing the results I decided it did everything I needed to do with my EOS gear. I was also working on some drum scans from West Coast Imaging and comparing the scans from my previous 501CM with the results from my digital gear I decided I needed another Hasselblad for my landscape work.

Googles searches led to me here, and this seems like a good place for a recovering digital junkie. After using the 501CM I feel at home again.