If one arbitrarily marks the beginning of photography with View from the Window at Le Gras in 1826 then the medium has been in use for 187 years. If one arbitrarily marks the beginning of electronically automated photography (or at least the beginning of the real electronic automation arms race) with the arrival of the Canon AE-1 in 1976, then the age of highly complicated cameras has been around for 37 years.

The question that then goes begging is,

How in God's name did anyone ever manage to produce any photographs of value—or for that matter any photographs at all—during those first 150 years by using only speed, shutter, aperture and focus?

Given the hideous complexities that everyone is so conditioned to believe are part of non-computerized film photography, I suppose their success must be due to passing through one of those boxes in a process flow chart that says "a miracle happens here"...