The simple kits aren't that simple in practice, reuse without replenishment means time must be adjusted to correct for changes in the chemistry to maintain consistency and that's a less than perfect situation.

First before I forget, and because I don't know what kind of tank you use, understand that the tank needs to be able to "breathe" during the bleach step, true of all brands. The process off gasses a bit and will push the tops off. Leave the fill hole uncapped.

Regarding the bleach, the largest volume I need is 570ml so that is the volume I keep in my 1-liter bottle. I shake vigorously, open the cap and blow fresh air in, recap and shake again, do that a few times between each run.

To replenish in theory I use the 570ml then put us back in the bottle, if I ran one roll I'd pour off 4-5ml of the solution from my working solution and replace it with 4-5ml of fresh un diluted bleach from the "kit". 5 rolls/25ml. The big investment is the first 570ml, after that its a very frugal process.

Fix and stabalizer have a different and higher rate, the solutions turn over more quickly.