Hi all,

I've been developing color negatives for over a year now. Mostly with my JOBO Processor and the Tetenal Kit on 38C/100F.

I was quite happy with the results, until I started with 6x12 format (120 rolls). I had strange streaks and stuff on 6x12. Even when I developed my 6x7 and 6x12 formats at the same time (JOBO extension tank in the JOBO Processor). Then I tried to develop in the Paterson tanks and reels, without the JOBO at 38C/100F. I had less streaks and stuff, but I still did not like what I was seeing.

So I started reading and I found out there was an alternative way of processing C-41 at 30C/86F. The development went up from 3.15" minutes in the JOBO tank at 38C to 8 minutes at 30C in my Paterson tank (just in the sink in water on 31C).

I can only say I got much better results! No streaks or strange color shifting. And I don't have to struggle with these damn JOBO reels. It is much easier to process the whole thing at 30C and 8 minutes first developer.

This is what I wanted to share