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let me say that I appreciate you, your work and contribution to APUG very much! I have not seen much of your work including people in the scenery but found the ones you posted in the Gallery all decent and tasteful (Including the B&W nude on the bed. I have not understood the deeper meaning of the railway series though.) and I want to encourage you to post more of it.

Thanks, sadly that I have to say this, but you probably won't be seeing much of my Abandoned Books Project (the railroad image) because, it's very very lighting specific, very harsh and drastic, that was my LEAST drastic scene, and mostly because I f$%k3d up. I totally forgot to check the ratio of light from the strobe, to that of the ambient sunlight, and so I didn't "overpower the sun" so to speak, and ended up with a less dramatic image. The ONLY reason I was even shooting this on film was because my Canon 5D II had gotten water logged from Hurricane Sandy. I love shooting film, but there are some scenes that are just too complicated and I just have too little experience with in terms of reading the light that I can't fully "see" it on film yet. And it takes too long, if my normal shoot for that project is 3-5 hours, with film its MUCH longer. Setups take longer, check and recheck, too much film cost for big unknown shoots etc. Thankfully my camera was repaired by Canon. I just don't have the knack to shoot film with the kind of look I want for this project that I wish I had. I guess you'll just have to wait till I finish and then buy a paper book copy . I'll try to shoot some film images at some point, but it's not top priority for that.