What lens do you have? The Voigtlander tessar version is the Solinar. I'm not sure what lens is f6.8. I use the Zeiss Maximar. It can definitely produce very good prints to 11x14. And I'm sure bigger but never tried. All my cameras came with lenses that were hazy. The Zeiss tessar is easy to take apart and clean. My only Voigtlander experience is with a Solinar on a cheaper 9x12 Vag. The lens was cloudy but I couldn't get it apart with the tools on hand. Zeiss tessar was much easier. You can still get 9x12 film but you will need the proper holders with film inserts. These can be hard to find and costly. I would recommend not buying a 9x12 camera to use with sheet film unless it's sold with holders (including film inserts) or the proper roll back. If you are looking for a display camera that's another matter. I use my cameras off and on and like the look of the uncoated lenses in contrasty light.