I haven't tried one, but it strikes me that a system that places the camera on your hip will cause all that camera weight to swing back and forth as your hips move when you walk. The better idea is to locate the camera at a point on the body that rests relatively stable while the body propels itself forward -- look at a video of a cheetah running, and you'll see the cat's head hardly moves despite everything his legs, body and tail are doing. Not that I'm suggesting carrying your camera on your head, but I think putting it on the hip is a bad idea. It's also not a new idea; belt clips for a variety of cameras were available back in the 60's. And, I wouldn't want to carry my M3 just by the tripod socket, wrist straps not withstanding. After all, Cartier-Bresson (yes, him again) got by pretty well without a belt clip -- when I can shoot as well as he did and find that a belt clip is what it takes to make me better than he was, then maybe I'll look at them again.