I was once a lens maniac like many of you, guys. All this lasted till I had a chance to compare two (presently extinct) camera/lens systems. This comparison taught me a lot, and among other things it taught me not to "trust" the lens and work with hi-end lenses as if worked with poor ones. All lenses are "culs-de-bouteille" to me now. I think some of you will attain this level of skill someday. I do not care much which lens I use now, unless it is a Tamron, which I can not even get focused (br-r-r-r-r-r!).
You just continue selling lies to each other. It is all about money, not the result. If we ran a test 99% of you would not tell a Zeiss from a Leica, a Canon from a Nikon. Not speaking about the poor public, who never cares. It is all about money. "You will either know it...,or you won't".*
*From "Men in Black-III".